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Introducing A New Way To Pay

Oxford FCU is excited to offer mobile payments, an easy to use feature that's a fast, convenient way to use your Oxford FCU Debit or Credit card right from your mobile device!

Digital cards are used to pay in stores without showing, swiping or inserting a debit or credit card, and without having to enter payment or contact information when paying through an app.

Not only are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay easy to use, they are also secure. Only you can make payments from your device and card numbers are never stored on your device, this is extra security in addition to the security that already comes with your Oxford FCU debit and credit cards.

Are you ready to set up your mobile wallet? Choose the Pay tab below that works with your phone to get started. Once you've set up the app, payment is quick and easy!

For iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and later

  • Open the Apple Pay app that is built into your iPhone
  • Go to Settings>Passbook & Apple Pay>Add Credit or Debit Card>Enter your Oxford FCU card information
  • Set your Oxford FCU card as your default card/ Go to Settings>Passbook & Apple Pay>Default Card, then select your Oxford FCU card.
  • You will see a check mark as confirmation that your card has been saved.

For any later model Galaxy phone

  • Download and open the free Samsung Pay app, then select Add
  • Align your Oxford FCU debit or credit card with the frame so it can be detected by the app
  • Enter your signature by 'writing' on your screen with your finger, then select Save
  • Press Done

For any phone with NFC technology that runs on 4.4 KitKat or later

  • Download and open the free Google Pay app from the Google Play Store
  • You will be prompted to add a card
  • Take a picture of your Oxford FCU debit ot credit card within the provided frame
  • The app will confirm that the card is saved and setup is complete