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As a member/owner of Oxford FCU, you're helping your family, friends and neighbors buy their first car, obtain their first mortgage, start a new business, or save for important goals such as college or retirement. Let's grow together to build a better community for everyone!

To be eligible for membership, you must live, work, attend school or worship in Oxford County, Maine. With a $5 deposit, you can join us today, and discover for yourself the benefits of banking with people you know and trust.   

Why choose a credit union? 

  • Credit unions are owned by their members. There are no stockholders to satisfy and no outside investors making decisions about, or profiting, from your money.
  • Every decision made at a credit union is made by people you know and trust; decisions on interest rates, loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards and more.
  • Every dollar of revenue made by a credit union is reinvested back into the credit union to benefit its members - helping to lower interest rates on loans, increase interest rates on savings.
  • Because Oxford FCU operates solely for your benefit, you know you're getting the best financial products, services and advice possible.

Experience the credit union difference!

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