Learning to save starts early.

Monty Moose
Our Youth Savings Account, with our mascot Monty Moose, is an ideal and fun way to help kids learn how to save and why it is important.

  • Available to all eligible members under age 13
  • Only requires a $5 minimum deposit
  • Offers the same dividend rates as a Share Savings Account
  • Monty Moose gives savers a $5.00 deposit each year for their birthday! 

Youth Share Certificates 

Youngsters who are serious about saving can open a Youth Share Certificate*.

  • Requires a $100 minimum opening deposit
  • Allows for additional deposits of $50 or more
  • Offers the same terms as our regular Share Certificates
  • Are available only to individuals under age 18
  • Pays a higher rate than a Share Savings Account
  • Are automatically renewable

*An early withdrawal penalty may apply.

Custodial Accounts 

You can save for your child's future with a Custodial Account, which you control until your child reaches adulthood. The account custodian (often a parent or grandparent) can add or withdraw funds to/from the account at any time for the benefit of the child.

  • The account is opened under the child's name and social security number
  • At age 18, funds are transferred into a Share Savings Account in the child's name
  • Funds can be invested in Certificates or in a Money Market Account

You can open an account online, stop in or call us at 1.800.991.9219.